Nassau County

In 2003, the County Executive established an aggressive program to consolidate county government facilities. The objective was to merge many of the neighboring buildings, with the departments that they comprised, and move them to a central location; mainly Mineola. Mr. Michael Giaramita served as Project Executive of the Program Management Team.

This program included rebuilding and consolidating the Government Operations Center (County Courthouse), Public Safety Center, Health & Human Services, Courts Complex, and Jails.

The Program Management Team revitalized and updated many of the County’s processes such as streamlining the procurement process (Professional Services and Construction) from 54 weeks to less than 12. Master contracts were developed while Schedules and Cost reports were issued monthly. These reports detailed the progress of the entire Program.

Building Consolidation Program

This program included rebuilding and consolidating the several buildings including the crown jewel, County Courthouse.