Princeton University

By personal request from the AVP of Princeton’s Design & Construction Department, Michael Giaramita was brought onboard to analyze the derailed new construction project for a 500 person dormitory building on the University campus. By this point, the development was running about 1 year behind schedule, design was unfinished, and the project’s organizational structure was not conducive to drive the completion.

Mr. Giaramita teamed with Farid Cardozo to evaluate the project schedule. They concluded it would be feasible to finish the project on time if several measures were implemented. First, there had to be a rearranging of the schedule logic to focus on completing each of the 10 buildings independently while also closely monitoring and driving the project completion for 9 months. In the end, the project was in fact successfully completed on its original date. This is due as well to Mr. Giaramita placing additional project management and project controls personnel on site to ensure the project original completion date was met, thereby allowing the students to move in as planned.

The schedule change was negotiated at no cost to the University.