Mr. Giaramita was named Executive in Charge while Mr. Cardozo was Principal in Charge. Together, they formed a multi-discipline team that successfully remediated over 40,000 code discrepancies in a three-month period at University of Connecticut, Storrs. The institution requested their expertise to direct the remediation of all code discrepancies found in three dormitory/apartment buildings recently completed by design/build firms.

Upon positive completion of the initial three-month phase, they were awarded the second phase, in which the scope of the program was increased as required by the “Governor’s Directive”. The following phase included the development of a plan by which every building on campus would be inspected. At that point, a comprehensive database of discrepancies would be generated and an action plan would be developed to address each discrepancy via resolution with the original designers and contractors or if necessary, with a third party. Once each building was completed, the team would conduct a thorough inspection with the appropriate officials and document the compliance.

As part of a concurrent assignment, Mr. Farid Cardozo developed a comprehensive, new procedures manual for the office of Engineering & Architectural Services.

UCONN Campus, Storrs, CT

The project was managed in two stages. The first involved remediating over 40,000 code violations and the second stage was a plan development for physical inspections.