Building Consolidation Program

This program included rebuilding and consolidating the Government Operations Center, Public Safety Center, Health & Human Services, Courts Complex, and Jails. The crown jewel was the rebuilding of the County Courthouse.

Several County Programs were relocated to new or renovated buildings including: Government Operations Center, Police & Fire Communications Center, along with the Department of Health & Human Services. As a result of these new facilities, work place strategies were incorporated for increased productivity.

For maximum efficiency, many existing departments were consolidated. The greatest impact was realized through the IT department. The County had IT groups located in more than five distinct facilities. A new state-of-the-art IT center was constructed, creating one central hub for the group.

The final program totaled $250 million and was executed on schedule and within budget.

Nassau County

Project Team

  • Lead Partner: Michael Giaramita
  • Project Manager: Michael Giaramita
  • Architect: Various
  • Engineer: Various
  • GC / CM: Various
  • Date of Completion: 2007

Project Highlights

  • • $250 Million, N/A
  • • $250 million program executed within budget and on schedule.
  • • Revamped County Bid & Award process from 12+ months to 3 months