Denver Airport

Opening in 1995, Denver Airport was a $3.2 billion grass roots project located on a 59 square mile site. The airport consisted of three concourses and a main terminal building; buildings were connected with an Automated Transit System.

During the peak construction months, trade workers exceeded 12,000 and progress payments of $130 million per month. Over 110 prime contractors and 1,000’s of subcontractors were on hand to bring this project to fruition. Within the last 18 months, an average of $1 million a day in changes was recognized.

Project Team

  • Lead Partner: Michael Giaramita
  • Project Manager: Michael Giaramita
  • Architect: Various
  • Engineer: Various
  • GC / CM: Various
  • Date of Completion: 1995

Project Highlights

  • • $2 Billion, 3,000,000SF
  • • On average, one million dollars in change orders were being requested each day.
  • • Peak of 12,000 trade workers in one month.