Environmental Policy & Climate Ambition: Mission and Commitments​ 


Group PMX’s mission is to transform project execution through leadership, team culture, and innovative solutions. This includes being a leader in mitigating climate change. The global economy must completely decarbonize by 2050 to avoid the worst-case impacts of climate change. No company is exempt from doing its part regardless of size, sector, or stage of growth. ​


Our vision is to be an industry leader on climate impact among construction management firms and contractors. ​This means operating and growing our business in a way that aligns with global consensus scientific data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all our business activities.

The Group PMX Environmental Policy & Climate Ambition is a policy that guides and directs our team’s science- and data-driven commitments and actions over the next two years. We will develop targets and develop and execute an internal strategy for minimizing GHG emissions from our projects and work environments in order to bring our emissions in line with them.

Project Commitments

Group PMX will account for the impacts of GHG emissions in business decisions; including the types of projects we pursue and choosing partners who share our commitment to climate action. We will establish a pipeline of exciting cleantech partners and new technologies to advance the environmental performance of client projects and internal operations. We aim to continuously expand our service offerings and expertise to support customers who have project-specific or companywide sustainability goals including net-zero emissions, low-carbon building materials, climate resiliency, and more.

Corporate Commitments

Group PMX conducts business in accordance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Beyond compliance, we will monitor our GHG performance​ (“carbon footprint”) using a business carbon calculator appropriate for our size and decentralized operating structure. 

Group PMX will also educate team members on what they can do at home and at work to reduce or eliminate our impact on the climate. To monitor our progress, we will measure our commitments annually through an employee survey (e.g., % of employees who recycle at home, % of employees buying renewable electricity, etc.).

We support:

  • Projects that promote carbon-reduction goals; our Technology, Innovation, & Sustainability working group regularly monitors the market for new technologies and innovative tools.
  • Employee safety, well-being, and community impact through a dedicated employee-led working group that leverages our relationships with trade associations to gain information on the latest emissions reduction insights and initiatives.
  • Participation in energy and emissions-related e-learning and training programs to expand our expertise and impact.
  • Mass transit commuting and travel and offer a pre-tax payroll deduction for MetroCards.

Team Member Commitments

Know the law and comply

It is each employee’s responsibility to protect the environment while employed with Group PMX and while representing our company on client projects. At a minimum, all employees must do their part to comply with all federal, state, and municipal environmental regulations related to air emissions, water emissions, hazardous waste handling, and other related activities.

Go green at the home office

At Group PMX, we actively encourage our employees to participate in utility and government sponsored energy efficiency programs and to procure sustainable alternatives to common household products and services. These programs, products, and services are voluntary. Group PMX will educate employees on these opportunities as they arise; however, it is the responsibility of the employee to enroll in programs and purchase products and services.

If eligible, employees may procure renewable energy and apply for home energy efficiency assessments. Many of our team members have already gone solar at home. Even if you rent or live in an apartment, employees can “go green” by switching their home electricity to a wind or solar option. It is easy to sign up through ConEdison and National Grid partners, with no upfront costs and no actual on-site solar power construction. Home energy efficiency assessments are free to renters and homeowners in New York.

Group PMX employees may also purchase sustainable home or office supplies through the following programs:

Employees should also make an effort to enroll in simple and free recycling or electronic waste (“e-waste”) disposal programs. For example, employees should:

Longer-term Company Commitments

As our environmental stewardship efforts evolve, Group PMX is exploring the following commitments:

  • Reporting our company-wide GHG performance to our Board at least quarterly 
  • Reporting  our emissions and progress to our staff and customers annually 
  • Engaging with our suppliers to drive decarbonization of our supply chain in the goods and services we buy (e.g., phones, laptops, project site materials when practical)  
  • Disclosing our GHG performance to third-party disclosure platforms (e.g., CDP and industry benchmarking initiatives as appropriate)
  • Advocating for low-carbon innovations on customer projects including whole building energy modeling, high-efficiency MEP systems, on-site renewable energy, low-carbon building materials, and sustainable alternates