What We Do / Advise

Discover exactly what you need to improve project performance.

Our project delivery experts can jump in at any phase and optimize every step. Let’s talk about how we can move you forward.

With so many factors involved in every project, there’s always a chance something unexpected could happen. Or you may run into a roadblock and need advice or resources to keep things moving forward. That’s where Group PMX comes in.

Our team can step in and integrate the technology to assess every aspect of your project. It’s data that will help us spot areas for improvement in process, personnel, or technology. And it’s data that will help us ensure everyone at every level of the project team is on the same page, so we can move forward together.

This unique approach can eliminate or reduce cost overruns, keep projects on schedule, and position your team to conquer every challenge along the way.

Our culture-driven approach puts people first, looking at your project from every angle, with real-time data to evaluate:

  • Project Delivery Support
  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Shutdown Matrix Preparation
  • Independent Project Audits
  • Technical Review

Improve your team’s performance and optimize project delivery.