Our Work / Infrastructure

Meet the nation’s growing demand for transformative infrastructure.

Group PMX partners with federal, state, and local public agencies on multi-billion dollar projects that are expanding and modernizing complex infrastructure systems, from airports to roadways, railways, transit, and more.

Aging infrastructure and climate change are driving real challenges to critical systems across the nation. Group PMX is at the forefront of exciting initiatives and innovations to modernize these systems, boost community resilience, and drive economic growth.

From transportation systems to flood barriers, we’re proud to work with the agencies leading some of the nation’s most significant and impactful projects. We’re proud to support our clients as they improve and safeguard critical services in our growing cities. From project, program, and construction management to commercial management, project controls, and risk management, we’re ready to help.

Here’s how we do it.

Mastering Commercial Management

Commercial management is not just a service; it’s our mastery. We excel in handling the intricate financial and contractual aspects of infrastructure construction projects. With a focus on financial precision, transparent reporting, and innovative risk mitigation, we maximize efficiencies to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Building practical schedules every time

Our focused, collaborative approach to scheduling sets us apart. We collaborate with project team members across disciplines to craft practical, realistic schedules—and then populate powerful dashboards and tools that propel projects and programs toward success.

Solving complexity with competency

Our experience has taught us that large, complex infrastructure projects require seamless synergy among all stakeholders, with no exceptions. We give our teams the freedom and tools to share their knowledge and expertise, building an effective interdisciplinary project delivery environment.

Leveraging real-time data to drive faster decisions

We use the latest technology to bring real-time data and faster decision-making to the stakeholders and project team, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing outcomes.

Our company’s commitment to infrastructure is unwavering, and we take pride in collaborating with the visionary agencies behind the nation’s most transformative projects, leveraging our regional knowledge to guide and bolster critical systems and services, offering comprehensive support at every phase, from project inception to completion.

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We have deep expertise managing projects in:

  • Rail and Transit
  • Roadways
  • Airports and Aviation
  • Parks
  • Environmental Resiliency
  • Water and Wastewater

Keep your next infrastructure project on track from beginning to end.