Our Work / Buildings

Bring specialized experience to every step of vertical construction.

From healthcare and life sciences to higher education, institutional, cultural, and criminal justice, our team has the hands-on experience to keep your project moving.

We provide ongoing support and consultation to you and your team before, during, and after construction to keep your project on budget and on schedule, while minimizing disruption to adjacent facilities or operations.

Group PMX will stand with you to meet ever-stringent regulations while you stay within ever-tightening budgets. We’ll give you the tools and technologies you need to build flexible, adaptable spaces that meet your needs today—and tomorrow.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in how we work. We prioritize project-first thinking and collaboration on every assignment, reinforcing the philosophy that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ This approach ensures superior results while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Jenny Freeman

Managing Director – Buildings

Here’s how we do it.

Exceeding industry expectations

We know your industry inside and out. This expertise ensures our team can hit the ground running, adapting to stringent regulations, and minimizing impacts to adjacent facilities or operations. From patient towers to research laboratories to correctional facilities and beyond, we know what to do next.

Collaborating to serve end users

We build and foster strong partnerships between architects, engineers, and other key stakeholders to encourage creativity and drive the most effective project execution. At every step, we’re keeping the needs of the end users in mind—and working together to make sure we address them.

Bringing real-time intelligence to the worksite

We strategically implement technology to deliver key information exactly when and where construction teams need it. Our intuitive dashboards fuel a proactive culture, enabling fast, informed decisions.

Mitigating risks to budgets, schedules, and more

At Group PMX, we have developed proven strategies to identify and manage risks before they impact budgets, schedules, or outcomes.

Making safety an integral part of our culture

Safety is ingrained in our culture. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, from our team members to those whom we are so privileged to work alongside, goes home safely every day.

We’ve fine-tuned our expertise to serve:

  • Government
  • Criminal Justice
  • Cultural
  • Institutional
  • Commercial
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Life Science and Research

Keep your next building project on track from beginning to end.