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Lighthouse Guild, 80 West End Avenue

Critical Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade


New York, NY


Lighthouse Guild


160,000 SF

Project Status

Completed: 2020


Energy – MEP Infrastructure


Critical infrastructure upgrade
Occupied building
Urban environment
Electrical failure mitigation


Construction Management
Project Controls
Schedule Management
Budget Development
QA/QC Management

Investigate and Repair
Lighthouse Guild, a charitable organization dedicated to vision rehabilitation and advocacy for the visually impaired, initiated a comprehensive infrastructure upgrade for their building in 2015. However, in June 2019, a critical incident occurred when the main electrical conduit feeder bank hangers, serving essential building functions, failed and collapsed. In response to this crisis, Lighthouse Guild enlisted the services of Group PMX to investigate and document the root cause of the failure and devise a repair plan.

The paramount challenge throughout this endeavor was to minimize disruptions and outages to maintain occupancy within the building. This necessitated close coordination with the contractor to determine the most efficient implementation strategies.

Group PMX Role on Project
In our role as Construction Manager as Agent, Group PMX undertook a comprehensive set of responsibilities, which included:

• Preparing Request for Proposal (RFP) documents
• Managing the bidding process and evaluating proposals
• Creating project budgets and schedules
• Providing essential support for the insurance claim process
• Collaborating with the Design Team to develop actionable contract documents
• Overseeing the installation of the repair work
• Actively participating in the review and approval of the Method of Procedure (MOP) for all electrical swing-overs
• Offering owner support during the various electrical swing-overs and project close-out procedures

Throughout the project, Group PMX meticulously controlled the budget and schedule to ensure the contractors’ work met the highest standards of quality and completeness.

Key project highlights include:

• Group PMX was the first entity to identify the failure of the double expansion shields supporting numerous hangers, a fact confirmed by a third-party forensic report.
• A dedicated staff member remained on-site full-time, diligently documenting every project activity.
• To mitigate the challenges of working on active live electrical feeders, Group PMX strategically divided the conduit bank swing-over into manageable individual shutdowns.

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