City & State: CEO Michael Giaramita Honored as Age Disruptor of 2023

Meet Chief Executive Officer Michael Giaramita.

In a momentous recognition of leadership and innovation, CEO Michael Giaramita and a distinguished group of honorees have been celebrated as recipients of City & State New York’s prestigious “50 over Fifty-The Age Disruptors” award. The accolade applauds individuals who have left a permanent mark on their respective industries, and Michael’s achievements have undoubtedly been at the forefront of this distinction.

Michael’s journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of progress in construction and project management. His visionary approach to identifying and shaping groundbreaking innovations and technologies has enabled Group PMX to build more effectively and efficiently. Beyond this, his visionary leadership has given rise to the firm’s revolutionary CM Neutral approach, designed to optimize project performance and delivery through focusing on project team culture and collaboration. This prestigious award serves as a testament to Michael’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, inspiring construction professionals, and transforming the landscape of our industry.

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