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Adis Sehic, PhD

Associate Director, BIM/Risk/Schedule

Dr. Adis Sehic is an accomplished project control professional known for his in-depth expertise in project planning and scheduling,project risk analysis,cost management, and building information modeling (4D). His impressive track record spans various sectors, including aviation, transportation, transit, rail, higher education, healthcare, and commercial and residential development in the New York City area. With a deep passion for the industry and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Adis has established himself as a trusted leader.

Adis excels in managing complex, multibillion-dollar projects in both the public and private sectors. He leverages his expertise in project controls to provide clients and stakeholders with vital insights, enabling them to meet demanding schedule and budget requirements. Adis is adept at preparing comprehensive project progress reports, conducting insightful schedule and cost analyses, and offering expert guidance on risk mitigation strategies. His versatility extends to various project controls methodologies, which he strategically applies to address a wide range of construction, scheduling, and cost-estimating challenges.

Adis’s academic background is just as impressive as his professional achievements. He holds a Ph.D. in Construction Management, a Master of Science in Construction Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, all proudly earned from the prestigious NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He has taken his passion for construction to the classroom, serving as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Construction Management/Civil Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering for over 10 years.

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