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Bhavya Aggarwal

Chief People Officer

With 16 years of devoted service in the field of human resources, Bhavya Aggarwal embodies a senior professional renowned for her mastery of human capital management in our ever-evolving global workforce. Her role as Chief People Officer is marked by a profound understanding of the importance of people within our organization.

Bhavya is the compassionate architect of our HR initiatives, driven by deep care and concern for ensuring that our firm remains a magnet for top talent in the fiercely competitive A/E/C industry. She recognizes that our people are our greatest asset and works tirelessly to cultivate an environment where they can thrive.

Her extensive expertise covers the full spectrum of HR, encompassing recruitment, compensation strategies, employee engagement, and grievance resolution, all while navigating employment and immigration law effortlessly. This includes creating a workplace that provides our employees with competitive benefits, professional development opportunities, and training, all pivotal for their ongoing success and overall well-being.

Bhavya holds a certificate in human capital management from New York University, in addition to a master’s degree and two bachelor’s degrees, highlighting her dedication to lifelong learning and professional growth, a commitment she extends not only to our team but also to herself.

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