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Cara Lang

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Chief Marketing Officer Cara Lang crafts and executes strategic marketing plans that drive exceptional results. With over 19 years of marketing experience in the design and construction industry, her career is marked by her ability to foster teamwork, align leadership for innovative endeavors, prioritize objectives, and optimize impactful activities.

Cara’s unwavering commitment to effective communication, both within and outside the organization, is at the core of her efforts to enhance brand visibility and create lasting connections with our clients. She understands the paramount importance of client satisfaction and works tirelessly to meet and exceed client expectations. Her approach revolves around critical path project management, which is the foundation for our business planning, market positioning, persuasive content creation, brand enhancement, and effective communication strategies.

Her extensive background spans diverse B2B sectors, including healthcare, commercial, life sciences, residential, industrial, federal, power, and infrastructure. Before joining our team, she held leadership roles in marketing at reputable Fortune 500 construction and design firms, where she honed her skills and gained valuable insights into the industry.

Cara’s keen eye for impactful graphic design solutions and straightforward messaging enhances our brand’s strength and resonance with our target audience. Her bachelor’s degree in Specialized Studies from Ohio University, with a focus on communications and graphic design, significantly contributes to our marketing efforts, ensuring that our initiatives are impactful and visually compelling.

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