Group PMX Joins the ESG Movement for a Better, Stronger Future

How can we increase Group PMX’s value to our clients, partners, employees, and communities in which we operate?

Our ten-year anniversary presented us with a unique opportunity to reflect, examine, and identify ways to improve and grow our business. We seized that opportunity to develop company-wide and market sector strategic plans, refine our core purpose, culture, vision, mission, and core values, and improve a wide array of internal and external business practices.

To further fuel our upward trajectory, Group PMX is excited to join a growing movement in the global business community to track and report on our environmental, social, and governance “ESG” practices that impact our value to our various stakeholders and our financial performance.

Why is Group PMX Developing an ESG Framework?

Beyond serving as a reference for socially responsible investing, ESG criteria have become more important to the business strategy of companies as a broader group of stakeholders that includes executives, policymakers, consumers/customers, and employees increasingly expect companies to focus their efforts on creating long-term value for all stakeholders, not just investors.

To that end, ESG means using environmental, social, and governance factors to evaluate and manage a company’s performance so that it is sustainable (able to generate profits and maintain operations) over the long term (increasingly seen as decades, not years).

We believe our willingness to commit to operating with ESG principles at the core of our business will make us more sought after as employers, business partners, investments, and collaborators. Developing an ESG policy and framework is a natural extension of our core purpose, culture, and commitment to transparency, collaboration, accountability, and trust. Our commitment to ESG will allow us the opportunity to use those traits in a strategic, actionable, and measurable manner that further strengthens our reputation and enhances our ability to create value for the company, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate.

We Gave it A Name: Impact@PMX

The name Impact@PMX is a representation of our company-wide initiative, signifying our deep dedication to creating positive effects on the planet, society, and our stakeholders. Over the years, we’ve been steadfast in supporting our partners and clients in achieving their environmental sustainability and social responsibility goals, which encompass energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, resilience, and diversity.

With the establishment of Impact@PMX, we have initiated the formation of three distinct working groups, each devoted to a specific set of high-priority issues. These groups aim to transform our aspirations into concrete policies and measurable targets. Here is a concise overview of their respective missions:

  1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) – Support team members of diverse identities by celebrating and promoting diversity and inclusiveness in everything we do.
  2. Culture, Safety & Impact (CSI) – Bolster our organizational safety and wellness and develop a strong community impact program to invigorate our socially conscious team members.
  3. Tech & Innovation – Collaboratively identify and commercialize cutting-edge technology solutions, which enhance overall project delivery, ROI, and environmental performance.

Together, these working groups exemplify our dedication to effecting meaningful change and charting a path toward a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Walking the ESG Path Together

One Team. Shared Success. Our core purpose applies to every aspect of Group PMX. It is entrenched in our culture, embedded in our approach to every initiative and project, and instilled in our distinctive, collaborative attitude that sets us apart from our industry peers.

As we continue on the ESG path, our ability to make a significant difference and enhance our value to our clients, partners, fellow employees, and communities depends on the collective efforts of all Group PMXers.

Group PMXers are charged with improving how we do business today, stepping up to the challenges of new initiatives, and proactively recommending new ways for Group PMX to expand our ESG efforts and impacts on the communities we serve. Together, we believe we can build and share in the success of a stronger, better Group PMX.


October 24, 2022


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