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Gelest, New Production Facility

Cutting-edge Manufacturing Expands Headquarters 


Morrisville, PA


Gelest, Inc.


50,000 SF

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Emerging Markets – Manufacturing


Barr & Barr


Manufacturing facility
Headquarter expansion
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New construction
ISO 7 clean room


Project Management
Owner’s Representative

Supporting Growth Demands
Gelest, Inc. is currently constructing a cutting-edge production facility covering 50,000 square feet, strategically located at the company’s global headquarters in Morrisville, PA. This innovative facility is projected to be completed by March 2025, reflecting Gelest’s unwavering commitment to enhancing production capabilities, fostering innovation, and facilitating sustainable growth. 

Adding this new production facility marks a significant milestone in Gelest’s ongoing expansion efforts in Morrisville, emphasizing the company’s enduring dedication to innovation, growth, and industry leadership. It also underscores Gelest’s dedication to advancing its production capabilities to cater to a wide range of customer applications, including microelectronics, medical devices, advanced thermal coatings, and mobility solutions. 

On-time Equipment Delivery Coordination
This project also encompasses installing cutting-edge equipment designed meticulously for research, analysis, packaging, and large-scale manufacturing of highly specialized chemistries crucial to advanced technology markets. A paramount focus on quality and process control aligns with the exacting demands of current and future customers and markets. The production facility features a 3,000 SF ISO 7 clean room equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation, ensuring the strictest quality and chemical purity standards are maintained. 

Delivering Project Goals
Throughout the construction phases, Group PMX has been providing owner’s representative services to Gelest, facilitating the transformation of the project team’s goals into tangible reality.

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked on large concrete projects, with each offering unique chances to enhance project outcomes. It’s been rewarding to apply the experience and insights acquired over the years to help guide the concrete and excavation team’s strategic planning and execution efforts on this project. The goal: delivering it faster and more cost-effectively for Gelest.”

Daniel McLaughlin


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